What is FPIES?

FPIES is a severe delayed food allergy of the gut, it is understood to be a T-cell mediated response, a Non-IgE Food Allergy in which food is considered a foreign invader and the body fights, or attacks it, until it can violently expel it; although the exact mechanisms are still not well understood.

Symptoms include: profound vomiting (often to bile), diarrhea and/or constipation. These symptoms can quickly lead to: lethargy, low body temperature, low blood pressure and in severe cases, sepsis-like shock. And still yet, many parents report children also experiencing many discomforting symptoms while the body fights this reaction and these can include: extreme stomach pains, excessive gas, runny stools with or without mucus/blood, acid reflux, rashes/eczema, sleep disturbance, and agitation/inconsolable crying.

FPIES is a clinical diagnosis (based on symptoms and history) there is currently no test for it.

This is my definition of FPIES, defined by my own research in: medical journal articles, other families living through FPIES I 'meet' on the support groups and, of course, my own son. You can learn more about my research in FPIES here on this blog, and at The FPIES Foundation website.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Today's Dietitian: FPIES

I am honored to have been able to provide an interview for this national magazine, bringing further recognition and awareness to this allergy and the vital role a nutrition professional plays on the medical team of a child living with FPIES.  

Food Protein–Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome — The Hidden Scourge of GI Food Allergies By Judith C. Thalheimer, RD, LDN  (Today’s Dietitian Vol. 15 No. 11 P. 12).  

Be sure to check it out! 


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